Savings Calculator
Use the Savings Calculator to determine how much you will need to save to reach a determined savings goal. Simply fill in four of the fields to calculate the value of the fifth, then press Calculate. Press Reset to clear all fields and enter new information.

Loan Calculator
Use the Loan Calculator to answer questions concerning finance amounts, payment options, interest rates and financing terms. Simply fill in three of the fields to calculate the value of the fourth, then press Calculate. Press Reset to clear all fields and enter all new information.

Mortgage Calculator
Our mortgage calculator is designed to do three things: Calculate a simple monthly or bi-weekly payment; figure the effects of prepaying your mortgage or; create an amortization schedule. Simply enter the principal, rate and term to calculate your monthly payment.

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Online Account Access
IFCU's Members have the option to access their accounts by subscribing to our powerful online account access program call "VIRTUAL BRANCH". Virtual Branch feature 24/7 online account access to your account that allows you to check your balance, transfer from one trailer to another, make a loan payment, check your history for cleared items and much, much more! Click on one of the buttons below to either take a demo of Virtual Branch or to request enrollment! VIRTUAL BRANCH, your account at your fingertips!

INTEGRIS Federal Credit Union
VISA - Access My VISA Credit Card
Member's Account Access Link


Click-on the appropriate link below and you will be redirected to the corresponding application. Once you have completed the desired application[s], simply click the SUBMIT button. Your application will be electronically transmitted directly to an INTEGRIS Federal Credit Union representative for processing. If you would prefer, you may instead opt to print the completed application and hand-deliver or fax it to one of our convenient credit union locations.